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Grants Pay Off Debt


Grants are certainly available from the Federal Government and elsewhere, but its not as though the money is just handed out for the asking. Grants are usually given to specific people for specific things. 

There are literally thousands of pages on the net offering all types of guarantees and promises they can't do, such as a "Guaranteed $2,500" just for signing up (for a fee, of course).

If you read the wording of most of these ads carefully you will find that some of them say "get a free government grant and eliminate your personal debt". They want people to believe it is possible to get a grant just for debt elimination, when in reality there are no such grants available, there are government grants and home equity loans that allow you to consolidate debt. 

It is important to understand that the Government will give away money in the form of grants and they usually look for the people who are the most in need. If you have an alternative such as a personal loan that you can obtain they might not consider you. The Grants that the Government gives away are based on the need of a person, for instance they will give the money to someone who does not have the ability to pay off their debts any other way. If they decide that you have the ability to get a loan they might disqualify you for getting a Grant. 

 Remember,  before claiming any of the grants, it is important to understand your needs and assistance requirements. But as with government programs, these funds are only for individuals who meet certain qualifications, which qualifications will vary depending on the funders goals. Helping someone pay off their debt rarely furthers any large funders goals. Both types of Bankruptcy Chapter 7 and 13 may seem like debt relief grants from the government but they are not. In reality, with a Chapter 7, the individual may have to relinquish property to be sold by the court to satisfy some of the obligations. 

But first a warning, the key to getting Government Grants is finding them. All the government related grant information is available from this site but you have to search. So, here's the deal.... take advantage of our special offer and get a Free Grant Application and 30 days access to our just released private and public grant databases.. 

Let Grants Pay Off Debt Today!